Prices for Roma metro tickets 2024

Updated: May 2024

This table includes the prices of metro tickets in Rome, as well as relevant additional information:

Ticket Name Price Info
Standard Single Ticket 1,50€ Trips: 1. Duration of 100 minutes. Valid on metro, bus, and tram. No second validation on the metro allowed.
Tap & Go Ticket 2,00€ Trips: 1. Includes 0,50€ for the reusable ticket. Available at machines in stations.
Tap & Go Ticket (3 trips) 4,50€ Trips: 3. Recharge on reusable card. Available at machines in stations.
BIRG 12,00€ Trips: Unlimited. Valid until 24:00 on the day of stamping in the Lazio region.
ROMA 24H 7,00€ Trips: Unlimited. Valid for 24 hours in Rome.
ROMA 48H 12,50€ Trips: Unlimited. Valid for 48 hours in Rome.
ROMA 72H 18,00€ Trips: Unlimited. Valid for 72 hours in Rome.
CIS 24,00€ Trips: Unlimited. Valid for 7 days in Rome.
Children (up to 10 years) Free Travel for free when accompanied by an adult.


Rome's transport cards use the "Tap & Go" system.

There are two ways to pay for metro tickets:

  1. With a credit card, debit card, or smart device, using NFC and wireless technology (contactless). There are no additional costs, just tap your card or device and you'll be charged for the journey. And you only pay for the journeys you make. If you make a single journey, you will be charged for a 100-minute BIT ticket for €1.50. If you make multiple journeys in one day, the system will continue to add up BIT tickets until reaching a maximum of €7. This is like buying a 24-hour pass. So, if you plan to make more than four journeys in a day, it's more worthwhile because you will pay a maximum of €7.

    If you choose this system, you should know that when you use the Tap & Go system in Rome with your credit or debit card, and make more than four metro trips in a 24-hour period, the system will automatically activate the most convenient rate. This means that, on the fifth trip, instead of charging you for additional 100-minute BIT tickets, you will be charged for a "Rome 24 hours" ticket for €7. The validity of this 24-hour ticket starts from the time of your first "tap" and lasts exactly 24 hours from that moment. Therefore, you can freely use the metro and other public transport during that time period.

    And remember that only one debit or credit card or device can be used per person.
  2. By purchasing a physical card at the metro's automatic machines, with which you can prepay the tickets you want (these virtual tickets are called "BIT journeys"). This physical card costs €0.50, but if you recharge 3 or more tickets, the card is given to you for free and you only consume the prepaid tickets. Examples of prices: 1 journey costs €2 (€1.50 for the journey + €0.50 for the card). 2 journeys cost €3.50 (€3 + €0.50). 3 journeys cost €4.50 (the card is already free).

    It's important to mention that when you purchase a single ticket with a rechargeable physical card, the additional cost of €0.50 for the card applies only the first time you buy a ticket. If you then recharge more tickets on the same card, that €0.50 will no longer be charged.

Explanation of Rome's Transport Cards

It's important to know that all tickets allow transfers between different modes of transportation, for example, taking a metro, then a bus, then a tram, etc., for 1 hour and 40 minutes (100 minutes in total). With that clarified, here are the main transport tickets:

Standard Single Ticket (BIT): This is the basic ticket valued at €1.50, valid for 100 minutes from the first validation. You can use it for a single journey on the metro (even changing lines) and for unlimited journeys on buses and trams within the 100 minutes. Source, Source 2.

Reusable Tap & Go Ticket: This system allows you to pay for journeys using a credit card, debit card, or an NFC device. There's no need to purchase a physical ticket; simply bring your card or device close to the reader. If you make various journeys that sum up to more than €7 in a day, the system will automatically charge you for a ROMA 24H ticket, which is cheaper than buying multiple BIT tickets. Source, Source 2.

Reusable Tap & Go Ticket (3 journeys): This ticket is similar to the previous one but allows you to load three journeys onto the card. It's a more economical option if you plan to make several trips over a short period. Source.

BIRG (Integrated Regional Day Ticket): This ticket costs between €3.30 and €14.00 and is valid until midnight on the day of validation. It allows unlimited travel within the Lazio region, including Rome, in the areas indicated on the ticket. Source.

ROMA 24H, 48H, 72H Tickets: These tickets are valid for 24, 48, or 72 hours from the first validation and allow unlimited travel within Rome. The prices are respectively €7, €12.50, and €18. Source, Source 2.

CIS (Weekly Integrated Card): This is a weekly pass that costs €24. It's valid for 7 days from the first validation, up to midnight of the seventh day, and includes unlimited travel within Rome. Source, Source 2.

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And even if you don't buy anything, Tiqets is a great place to gather ideas and discover places in Rome that are different from the typical ones mentioned in guidebooks.


- Which public transportation can I use with the tickets? During a specific period, a ticket can be used for the following public transports if you need to change. The same ticket can be used again without the machine marking a new journey:

  • Metro.
  • Bus.
  • Trolleybus.
  • Tram.

 - What is a BIT ticket?: BIT stands for "Biglietto Integrato a Tempo". It's a "virtual" public transport ticket in Rome valid for 100 minutes from its first validation. You can use it to travel on the metro, bus, and tram within those 100 minutes, but once you exit the metro, you can't enter again with the same BIT ticket.

 - Recharging BIT Tickets on Physical Cards: The physical cards you get from the ticket machines at metro stations can load various BIT tickets. You can load on these cards options like 2BIT, 3BIT, 5BIT, and 10BIT. Each of these options represents multiple BIT tickets. For example, 10BIT means ten BIT tickets of 100 minutes each.

 - Limit of Recharge on the Cards: On the physical cards, you can preload up to 12 tickets ("12 BIT"). This means you can load your card with a combination of BIT tickets up to a maximum of 12 individual 100-minute tickets. For example, you could load a card with a 10BIT (ten tickets) and then add two more individual BIT tickets, reaching the limit of 12.

 - And monthly subscriptions?: They must be purchased online before use. Once a monthly subscription is purchased, your payment card is entered into a whitelist of subscribers, and you can travel unlimitedly for that month.

 - Do children travel for free? Yes, children up to 10 years old do not pay. From 11 years old, a regular ticket must be purchased.

 - And what about children over 10 years or companions?: Each will need their own card or device to pay for their journey. You will need to purchase a physical card for each individual. You cannot use a single card or device to pay for multiple people. Even if you use a credit card, it can only be used by one person.

 - How long can I use the ticket for? You can use various public transport modes for 1 hour and 40 minutes (100 minutes). A metro ticket costs 1.50€ and is valid for 100 minutes from the first validation. This means that within 100 minutes, you can reuse it to take surface buses (bus and tram). However, a second validation for the metro is not allowed. So 1 ticket = 1 metro ride.

You should also validate your ticket when transferring from one mode of transport to another (the machine will make a sound but will not mark a new trip). If you enter the metro or train station, the machines are at the entrance of the complex or on the platform.

 - Where can I buy metro tickets? There are several places where you can do this:

  • Automatic vending machines at metro stations are the most convenient option. They allow payment in cash, with banknotes, coins, or credit cards. These devices have touch screens and a menu available in several languages, making them simple and intuitive to use.
  • At tobacconists.
  • At bars.

Until July 2022, it was possible to purchase single tickets both in tobacconists and bars as well as at metro stations.

However, starting from July 2022, the sale of single tickets is no longer available at metro stations, remaining possible only at tobacconists and bars. This change is due to the introduction of the new Tap & Go® system, adopted to reduce paper consumption. Now, instead of purchasing paper single tickets each time, the machines at metro stations offer the option to buy a reusable ticket.

- What happens if a passenger travels without a ticket or does not validate their ticket on Rome's public transport?

Answer: If a passenger is found traveling without a valid ticket in the metro, or if they have not validated their ticket on a bus or tram, they may be subject to a fine. This fine can be up to 60 times the value of the standard ticket but will never exceed 200€. Fines can be applied in situations such as failing to show the ticket to a controller, possessing a fake or tampered ticket, committing acts of vandalism, not respecting safety norms, occupying more seats than needed, disturbing other passengers, or improperly using emergency devices without a valid reason.

Remember, it's important to follow public transport rules to avoid fines and ensure a safe and pleasant journey for everyone.




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