Roma metro schedule

Updated: April 2024

In Rome, there are 4 metro lines operated by the ATAC company.

Normal Schedule

Metro Line Regular Schedule Schedule on Fridays, Saturdays and Days before Holidays
5:30h - 23:30h 5:30h - 1:30h
5:30h - 23:30h 5:30h - 1:30h
5:33h - 23:27h
(from Jonio 23:24h)
5:33h - 1:30h
Pantano-San Giovanni
5:30h - 23:30h 5:30h - 1:30h

In the Rome metro, there are no fixed schedules: even though there are written schedules, they are not always followed to the letter. Usually, you have to wait between 3 and 5 minutes for each journey, but if there are many people, you might have to wait longer.

Remember to always check the latest news on the website, because sometimes schedules or services change due to work or other reasons.

If you want to know the real-time schedules of buses, trams, and other means of transport, you can use two very useful apps: "Travel with Atac" and "Moovit". They are easy to use and help you know when your transport is arriving.

Special Holiday Schedules

These schedules represent the general operation of the transport system during the holidays, but it's important to check the most up-to-date information close to the dates, as there could be changes.

Date Metro Service Schedule
Dec 24 (Christmas Eve) Until 21:00h
Dec 25 (Christmas Day) 8:30h - 13:00h and 16:30h - 21:00h
Dec 26 (St. Stephen's Day) Regular holiday schedule
Dec 31 (New Year's Eve) Until 2:30h on Jan 1st
Jan 1 (New Year's Day) From 8:00h, regular holiday schedule

Rome Bus Schedule

Tram Schedule

During the day, tram schedules are similar to those of urban buses. At night, there are no tram services.

FAQ on the Rome Metro Timetable

  • What time does the metro service start in Rome? The service generally starts around 5:30 in the morning.
  • Until what time is the metro available at night? The service is available until 23:30, but extends to about 1:30 at night on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Are the metro times the same during public holidays? During public holidays, the metro may operate on a reduced schedule. It is advisable to check the updated timetable on these days.
  • How often do the metro trains run? The frequency of trains varies depending on the time of day and line, but generally, there is a train every 3-7 minutes during peak hours.
  • Is there a night metro service in Rome? Currently, Rome does not offer a night metro service, but there are night buses that cover some of the main metro routes.



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